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Comfort and reliable for crew.
Safety and the top quality for your horses.

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PARAGAN HORSEBOXES A brand for champions

Paragan Horseboxes is the autonomous division of Paragan brand producing unique horseboxes for horses’ transport.

Our products are characterized by a sophisticated appearance, a reliable and practical design resulted from a natural interest in horses. We are the owners of a top quality stable. Our horses regularly attend prestigious championships and horse races. Our personal experience with the horse transport, the experience of our customers and partners are essential for the best proceed and tuned horsebox design, a comfort and safety during transport.

Paragan means a top and practical design, which you will appreciate during your daily routine situations. The farmers and horse lovers are our friends. And you will consider that at our horseboxes’.

Paragan is the prestigious, innovative and very popular brand. Our customers, partners and fans do appreciate an excellent ratio of price/performance, such a great care of our clients, a flexible service, available spare parts and models’ range with a long-term reliability and accurate implementation.

We have been on the market for more than 25 years and we have had customers and friends all over the most European countries. We are represented by sourced partners providing you with a reliable service at standards of mother’s brand.

Paragan means the quality, safety, comfort and relationship.
We do believe that only the best is good enough.

Paragan horseboxes The journey matters more than you goal

In Excelsion 5 (5XL) and Pegasus 5 (5XL) there is an option of sleeping.

Enjoy the comfort together with your pets.


Paragan appreciates its customers.

Therefor we have decided to release a unique offer called Paragan edition 2018 – CC (Customer’s Collection).

There are the best sold models from 2017 for which we reduced the prices and the time of delivery.

Paragan Configurator Build your Paragan

Choose a horsebox model and build your own one! From a horse area settlement, through a color of body painting, interior facilities up to an elegant wrapping upon your request.

Modify your own horsebox and send your demand directly to your dealer.

Horseboxes In-Stock We offer new and used models

Please see our In-Stock offer. You can ask for a friendly financing too.

All offered horseboxes went through the precise inspection done by a brand servicemen.

Paragan Service Warranty and post-warranty services

We provide you with a warranty service for a period of 2 years initiated by a horsebox sale. The original guarantee for chassis provided by Renault Truck and/or Opel is applied to Paragan horseboxes. Additionally, there is provided 6 years’ warranty on a car body corrosion.

After the end of warranty, we provide you with a cost convenient post warranty service and a sale of all spare parts for each horsebox.

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Pegasus 3 / Basic System sliding window with bars between cabin and horse space 400x300 sliding partition travel saddle holder - 2 pcs bridle holder - 2 pcs tow bar + 13 pin plug camera packge EVO1 ...

With Paragan horsebox the journey matters more than the goal

With Paragan horsebox the journey matters more than the goal

We are aware of a fact that the horse transport might be very demanding. Even our champion, No Time To Lose, travels for racing. And he is quite uncomfortable posing in front of photographers shooting him on April 7th, 2...

PARAGAN got another cerificate!

PARAGAN got another cerificate! We have become a European certified bodybuilder for the Opel brand. Thank you for your trus

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